Insight into your IT security

Benefits of CREDS ART


The automated attack platform

Want to know the extent to which your organization can stop a cyber attack on your organization and operation?

Our platform offers a dynamic and proactive approach to cyber security that outperforms traditional defenses. We organize realistic scenario-based attacks to keep your organization at the forefront of the fight against cyber threats.

  1. Current Situation

    Penetration testing: Incomplete

    • Dependent on external partner
    • Tests a portion of IT
    • Often only once a year
    • Plan far in advance

    Scanners: Inaccurate

    • Surface scan and no depth
    • Many false positives
    • Do not prioritize on impact

    Limited insight and depth

  2. Automatic attacks

    Always available, always current

  3. Real-time results

    Continuous insight, concrete improvements

Real-time findings

Start fixing immediately already during the test

Our attacks

Decisive and complete

Why CREDS ART is better

Prevention is better than cure

penetration testing
Breach & Attack
Simulation (BAS) software
Attack surface
management tools
Vulnerability scanning
Verify control measures
Fully automated
No installation or agents
Real attacks, no simulations
Malware and ransomware strategies
Impact based prioritising
Do it Yourself
Realtime results -

See for yourself

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