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Defeating cybercriminals and bad actors is a game of cat and mouse. We believe that bad actors can be countered by people with an ‘attacker mindset’ and effective tools on their side. By understanding the attackers’ goals, tactics, techniques and procedures, you can more effectively build a resilient organisation. We help you by showing you how your IT can be exploited so that you can fix it and prevent it from happening in the future.

“Our company stands for integrity, fosters open dialogue and respect, and embraces pragmatism to deliver straightforward, effective solutions in cybersecurity.”

Meet the

Ralf Bardoel

Ralf Bardoel

Founder & CEO

Ralf brings his advisory, audit and technical background to lead our customer-focused approach at CREDS. Known for his strategic vision, technical knowledge and love for a challenge, Ralf ensures that our security solutions not only meet but exceed customer expectations. His leadership is driven by a commitment to understand and address the unique security needs of each client. Under his guidance, CREDS remains dedicated to delivering top-tier, tailored attack strategies that are both innovative and practical.

Daan Wagenaar

Daan Wagenaar

Founder & CTO

Daan drives the strategic development of our platform's infrastructure and product development at CREDS. With his deep expertise in infrastructure and security testing he recognized the value in automating repetitive tasks found in penetration testing and red teaming. Daan's leadership is marked by his focus on actual risks, simplicity in solutions, and avoidance of unnecessary complexity, ensuring our offensive security platform remains practical and accessible.

The Team

We are a skilled team of enthusiastic red teamers, exploit developers, vulnerability researches and software developers. Highly motivated to overcome every challenge. We are hackers by heart, wearing a white hat for the good cause.

Together we have 50+ years of joint security experience. Our management has a rich background in cyber security and corporate environments.  


Recognized Learning Company

CREDS actively engages with our local community. We’re proud to be recognized as a learning company, a place where students can gain valuable, practical experience to jumpstart their careers.

We partner with local educational institutions to offer internships and other placement opportunities, ensuring students get a hands-on approach to learning. It’s our way of nurturing the next generation of professionals and contributing to the community.

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